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  • Ways To Nature is temporarily closed until further notice as we leave WA's beautiful Bindjareb region and relocate to Victoria in May 2023.
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Discover the Bindjareb region’s natural heritage

Come and explore the extraordinary wetlands and wildlife of the Peel Yalgorup Wetland System in South West WA with Ways To Nature! Whether you’re a local looking to connect with nature or a visitor wanting to discover the Bindjareb (Peel) region’s natural heritage – let Ways To Nature be your guide.

Walking Ways To Nature

Scene time instead of screen time…. Join Ways To Nature for inspiring guided nature walks throughout the internationally significant Peel-Yalgorup wetlands.

Ways To Nature walking tour

Wetland Wander

Be amazed by the wildness of Creery Wetlands in the heart of Mandurah. Sweeping vistas, a hidden estuary lagoon and a variety of waterbids await your discovery.

Samphire Sojourn

Birds, boardwalks and bridges….Come and explore this hidden cove and get to know the locals - of the feathered variety!

Riverside Ramble

An all accessible trail along the peaceful Serpentine River, revealing the remarkable Lake Goegrup Nature Reserve.

Len Howard Conservation Park

Discover the diverse coastal habitats along the beautiful Erskine trail and enjoy stunning estuary views.


Speaking Engagements

Inspire wonder with a variety of presentations on the natural world from Ways To Nature. Perfect for schools, retirement villages and community groups.


School Holiday Programs

Searching for an interactive, educational and fun holiday activity for your children? Ways To Nature delivers environmental school holiday programs outdoors at various locations around Mandurah.


No one will protect what they don’t care about; and no one will care about what they have never experienced

~Sir David Attenborough